[ 2.2 ] Prescription medical products

Ursoliv is a compound hepatoprotector of new generation. The medical drug contains 250 mg of ursodeoxycholic acid (the only hepatoprotector which has proved reference of А/В level) and 300 mg of additive agent prebiotic Lactulose. Ursoliv has hepatoprotective, cholagogic, cholelitholytic, lipid-lowering and hypocholesteremic effect and also restores intestine microbial balance and has immune stimulating activity.

Combination of hepatoprotector with mechanism of hepatocyte stabilization and bile secretion stimulation and of prebiotic promoting growth of normal intestine micro flora allows providing more composite effect on functional state of liver.

A series of clinical surveys shows more evident improvement of liver functioning among participants with hepatobiliary pathology who were taking both ursodeoxycholic acid and lactulose comparing to those who were taking only ursodeoxycholic acid. Besides, biocoenosis normalization of patients with non-alcoholic fatty liver disease was marked.

Ursoliv has precautions for use (see USPI).

Registration number: LSR-009125/10

Measuring of medicine:

Ursoliv is produced in gel capsules of white-pink colour 250 mg. 10, 50, 100 capsules per pack.

Main indications for use:

  • Primary biliary cirrhosis with absence of decompensation symptoms (symptomatic therapy);
  • Dissolution of small and medium cholesterol stones if gall functions;
  • Bile-reflux gastritis.

Medicine dosage:

For dissolution of cholesterol gall stones:

Under 60 kg – 2 capsules 1 time per day before sleep;

Under 80 kg – 3 capsules 1 time per day before sleep;

Under 100 kg – 4 capsules 1 time per day before sleep;

Over 100 kg – 5 capsules 1 time per day before sleep;

For primary biliary cirrhosis treatment:

34-50 kg – 2 capsules;

51-65 – 3 capsules;

66-85 – 3 capsules;

86-110 – 5 capsules;

Over 110 kg – 5 capsules

For treatment of bile-reflux gastritis one should take 1 capsule 1 time per day before sleep.