Quality control

Quality control
JSC AVVA RUS produces over 50 medical products which are effective, safe and of high quality. We ensure our production quality in every stage of the life cycle, from pharmaceutical development to distribution, and it is affirmed by The Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation issued a conclusion on the manufacturer's compliance with the requirements of the Rules of Good Manufacturing Practice (№ GMP-0055-000493/20). The Ministry of Health of the Republic of Cyprus has also issued an international certificate of conformity of the manufacturer with the GMP EU requirements (No. AVVA RUS19 2018/01 and No. AVVA RUS18 2018/01).

Our quality control system guarantees:

Medical products were developed and researched in conformity with GMP requirements;
Documentation complying with GMP was prepared for all manufacturing and control operations;
Arrangements assuring production, delivery and utilization of primary and packing materials, complying with the requirements;
Both necessary control of excipients and any other control of the manufacturing and validation processes are performed;
The finished products were properly produced and checked according to the established procedures;
The medical products are not sold and delivered unless the authorized person proves that each series of goods was produced and controlled in conformity with the requirements of registration dossier and any other FPP manufacturing, control and output requirements.
Quality control division participates in all processes that influence or might influence the product and the system of quality management complies with the National state standard ISO 9001-2011 (ISO 9001:2008) requirements.

The following steps are being taken in order to implement the Quality Policy:

  • We use active pharmaceutical substances and formulatory agents which fulfill all the requirements set by regulatory documents and which were bought from certified manufacturers;
  • We use easy-to-use packing materials which are aesthetically pleasing and protect contents from outside influence;
  • The medical products are being produced in conformity with the approved industrial regulations; we use modern technologies and equipment;
  • Pursuing quality control of the products we use brand and validated laboratory equipment which allows the conduct of highly reliable and accurate analysis;
  • Audit checks of providers of active substances, excipients and packing materials are being carried out;
  • Due to advanced system of distribution participants of the pharmaceutical market have extensive access to the produced medical products;
  • Quality system experts are involved in all spheres of the company promoting their personal and professional growth;
  • Organizing regular external and internal trainings we guarantee professional growth of the top managers and the employees.
Quality control
Продукция фармацевтической компании АО «АВВА РУС» выпускается на производственной площадке в Кирове в соответствии с международными стандартами GMP, а с 2018 года качество производимой продукции подтверждено европейским сертификатом EU GMP