[ 2.2 ] Prescription medical products

Ecoantibiotics are first in the world antibiotics which do not cause intestinal dysbiosis.

Ecoantibiotics constitute unique composition of standard antibiotic and the most effective Lactulose prebiotic of the highest level of purification in the anhydrogalactose form.

Ecoantibiotics were developed by the Swiss company AVVA AG and are produced under Russian Federation certificate at the factory AVVA RUS in Kirov.

The patent for the composition presented in the 30 countries of the world.

Ecoantibiotics are presented in different and most popular forms like aminopenicillins, shielded aminopenicillins, macrolides and fluroquinolones.

Ecoantibiotics are bioequivalent to original medical products against microbial activity and surpass them in safety.

Due to presence of Lactulose prebiotic ecoantibiotics maintain intestine microbial balance, do not suppress immune system and reduce risk of undesirable side effects caused by antibiotic therapy like antibiotic-associated diarrhea.

Lactulose, as a part of antibiotic, is contained in special crystallized form – anhydrogalactose. It differs from traditional lactulose by the high level of purification from intermixtures.

Lactulose doesn’t influence pharmacokinetic properties of antibacterial element and doesn’t have purging effect for it is contained in prebiotic dose. Unlike some probiotics Lactulose prebiotic doesn’t have gravity of vector-born antibiotic resistance.

Ingestion of ecoantibiotics promotes respond to treatment and improves quality of life.