[ 2.1 ] Over-the-counter medical products

Micrazim is a micro-grained pancreatine in capsules, which presents the up-to-date generation of enzyme agents for treatment of pancreatic exocrine insufficiency. The medicine effectively eliminates symptoms of chronicle pancreatitis and dyspeptic symptoms of digestive disorder.

Micrazim contains natural enzymes of animal pancreas like protease, lipase and amylase which promote digesting of proteins, lipids and carbs.

Due to innovative product form the drug’s effect is approximate to the natural process of digesting as much as possible. Enzyme activity of Micrazim manifests itself maximally in 30 minutes after ingestion providing quickness of the effect. The medicine is easy to be prescribed and measured for people of any age including infants and the elders.

Registration number: LS-000995

Measuring of medicine:

Dry-filled capsules of 10000 action units and 25000 action units: #2 with transparent body and brown lid (for dose of 10000 action units) and #0 with transparent body and dark-orange lid (for dose of 250000 action units). The round capsules contain pellets (microgranules) of colour from light-brown to brown and have characteristic smell.

10, 20, 30, 40 and 50 capsules per pack.

Main indications for use:

  • Chronicle pancreatitis, pancreatectomy, post ray treatment state, diaspensia, mucoviscidosis;
  • Flatus, diarrheaof non-infectious origin;
  • Troubled digestion (post gastric resection and post small intestinal resection state);
  • Disturbance of chewable function, sedentary lifestyle, long-term immobilization;
  • Gastrocardiac syndrome;
  • Preparation for X-ray examination and ultrasound investigation of abdominal cavity organ.

Measuring of medicine:

The dose is prescribed individually depending on age, symptoms and diet. The capsules are to be taken orally with proper amount of non-alkaline liquid (water, fruit juices).

If one-time dose consists of more than 1 capsule, one half of dose should be taken before meal and another half with meal. If one-time dose consists of 1 capsule it should be taken with meal.

Allowable dose for children under 1.5 years of age is 50 000 action units per day and for children above 1.5 years of age constitutes 100 000 action units per day.

Duration of Micrazim treatment ranges from several days (troubled digestion) to several months or years (in case it is a long-term substitutive therapy).