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About company- R&D department


OJSC AVVA RUS R&D Department performs activity aimed at diversification of the company’s products range following the up-to-date regulatory requirements, state and branch standards, recommendations on composition development, methods analysis and technologies of the medical products.


  • Research unit;
  • Drug development unit;
  • Medical unit;
  • Registration unit;
  • International registration unit;
  • R&D factory laboratory.

The scope of their activity comprises fields attributed to development, research, production and registration of wide range of medical drugs.

Project system of work is introduced at the department which ensures reaching the best results in as short a time as possible. The work is performed in several milestones:

  1. Project concept is being worked out by the Research unit.
  2. Approved preliminary proposition is delivered to the Drug development unit where the strategy of product development is being drawn out which further is being implemented in cooperation with the factory R&D laboratory.
  3. The registration unit organizes regular cooperation concerning clinical testing and registration (re-registration, change requests) of the medical products and pharmaceutical substances..
  4. The medical unit prepare all the documentation for obtaining a permit and clinical research support, also pharmacovigilance function is being performed.
  5. The international registration unit cooperates with the foreign partners and regulatory bodies in the course of the company’s market expansion.